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Abingdon & Witney College – 7:00pm

Missing, Luke Rodgers

A man recognises a girl reported in his paper as "missing", when she sits next to him on the bus. Starring a couple of familiar faces, Tim McInnerny and Lauren Socha

Backspace, Mark Stevenson

Set in a London industrial estate café. The owner is getting more and more concerned about two of his customers.

Concrete Jungle, Simon Hill

Mickey Walker is a gangster with a violent past and some business to deal with.

Inertia, Will Herbert

The story of one man's epic quest to return all the girlfriends belongings with the help and guidance of his trusty companion.

Day 83, Aled Matthews & Joe O'Connor

A soldier is fighting a losing battle for Earth against an alien force.




Beer & Nuts, Steve Ramsden

Two friends in a desolate cabin have a very interesting discussion.

Kneaded, Jemima Burrill

Time-lapse footage telling a frantic tale of love, dependency, and the state of ‘being’.

Unconventional, Marcus Parker-Wood

Main character Jeff guides us through a memorabilia convention.

Oben, Thierno Bah, Noé Guiliani, Pierre Ledain and David Martins da Silva

A remarkable animation about the story of a mountain climber.