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Langdale Hall – Fri 24th 7:30

Hidden Voice, Roger Gilboy

Nine out of ten women in Afghanistan have been the victim of abuse and violence. This abuse takes many forms and often goes unseen and hidden behind closed doors.

The Wires, Tatiana and Marina Moshkova

A word spoken during a phone call comes to life and travels along the wires of the city trying to reach its final destination, changing the lives of the people it encounters along the way.

Guests at my Home, Oleg Fedchenko

This is a little metaphysical etude where is the object, around which everything unfolds, there are actors, conflicts, but there is no clear outline of events . Let everyone imagine that.

Taking Chances, Elena Dapelo

Taking Chances: you don’t know what you like until you try… After her date disappears on her, a determined girl knocks at his door on Valentine’s Day looking for another chance.

Footsteps Above Me, James Dunstan/Daniel Tung

Felix is a young boy growing up in the midst of the Second World War; in these dark times it is his older brother, Lars, whom he looks up to. One day while the two are out playing in the woods Felix fears that Lars is not the person he thought he was, and more importantly, not the person he wants to become.

Democracia, Borja Cobeaga

The manager of a company proposes a daring plan for keeping the workers’ morale high.


Yo Te Quiera (I want it!), Nicolas Conte

In his usual way back from school Juancito, a solitary country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse  which seems to be abandoned. The joy of having a new and wonderful friend to play with makes the boy think he can keep it. He cannot realize that the horse is actually waiting for the return of his real owner.

1997, Byron Chan

1997 is a single channel looped piece that raises questions about ongoing political issues in Hong Kong, China from 1997 onwards.

Motherly, Navid Nikkhah Azad

A blind mother is searching for her young disabled son in a park to find out whether the girl he is dating is beautiful or not.

An Animation About a Rabbit, Chris MacFarlane

Lepus Velocitus

Stockholm, Alvaro Martin

Tomas lives in a small trailer on the outskirts of the city. One day at school she is asked to write a short essay about her father...

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*This screening is open to over 15's only